Core Values

1. Commitment to our clients goals.

2. Strive to develop new & creative actions to achieve results.

3. Operate with passion, commitment & excellence.

4. Knowledgeable, integrity, fairness & accessible.

5. Efficient & effective in our approach to give best solution each time.

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Kompany24 is the Innovative New Age of Restaurant & Hospitality Consulting.

Our Mission

We help companies achieve exponential growth, sustainable profitability and results that endure.

What we do

Kompany24 partners with restaurants, hotels, bars, and lounges that require intelligent consulting. Whether you're a 1 unit Company or a 10 location Concept, when you need to improve, grow, and transform, our operations meet your needs.

Who we are

At Kompany24, we are innovative and passionately committed to delivering extraordinary results. We have a culture of integrity and our world class team members have over 20 years of experience holding top-level positions for brands such as Great American Restaurants consortium, Red Sage, Olive Garden, TGI Fridays, and Marriott Hotels.

Our Approach

Kompany24 believes in relationships. We seek partners, not clients.

Our approach allows us to create synergies across all of our partnerships with an intelligent, resource-sharing focus that drives success for everyone involved. We promote an open and unrestricted dialogue and have the determination move forward not only by maximizing full potential, but also by developing long-lasting, durable relationships.

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Five Reasons to talk to us !

1. Knowledge

2. Efficiency

3. Integrity

4. Passion

5. Accessible

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